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Rico is currently not here!

Hello dear individual or bot, visiting my website. Sadly I haven't found enough time to actually add more content here. I am just starting to create this website. It might take another month or two until it's finished.

$ whoami

Hi, my name is Rico. I am from Germany and I got a bachelor's degree in information technology. I am working in IT-Security for an IT service provider for banks. Apart from that I am very interested in malware research, infosec, vulnerabilities and exploits, bug bounty, CTFs and everything related to that.


I created some fun projects I would love to share with the world. I also recently started a blog at https://blog.rico-j.de. There I publish various stuff such as writeups of malware analysis, coding adventures, tools and software I use or find useful and a lot more. It's just getting started, so don't have too high expectations yet.


pastepwn is probably my "best" (in terms of code quality and architecture of the code) project so far. It's a python tool for scraping public pastes from pastebin. Although you can scrape every single post, that would be pretty boring. So I added functionality to search the pastes e.g. via regex to check if the content contains certain patterns. You should definetly check it out!

How can I contact you?

Well that's actually pretty simple. You can find me either on Twitter (0Rickyy0) or on Telegram (@d_Rickyy_b). You can also find me on GitHub (d-Rickyy-b).